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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy


TOOMLE INC is a Delaware, U.S., based firm with both mobile application and a website, aiming at helping you manage your finances in an efficient manner. From real time billings and bill payments to sharing billing info among family members, TOOMLE INC facilitates the financial management with ease and security.

This page is meant to provide you the guidelines for accessing the mobile application or the website. By using the website or mobile app, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. Failing to comply with these terms would make you ineligible to use our services. Our privacy policy is such that your private information will always be safe, no matter what. If you don’t agree to the terms and conditions, you are advised to refrain from using our services.

  • You are bound to provide us all the information marked as mandatory in order to sign up for the website. We reserve the right to ask for financial information, however, your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone else except our partners, employees and contractors. They will be bound by law to keep your data safe at all times.
  • TOOMLE INC also hold the right to produce reports, generate statistics and process this information to provide better user experience to our users. We can publicly share these reports as a part of our plans.
  • TOOMLE INC can have agreements with third party services with their links or services displayed on the website or mobile application. TOOMLE INC will not be responsible for the content, services or offers they provide to the users and you are advised to go through their privacy policies and terms of use in order to be on the safer side.
  • TOOMLE INC’s terms and conditions as well as privacy policy are subject to change whenever needed, therefore you are encouraged to keep visiting these pages in order to keep yourself updated about the amendments in policy.
  • Before creating your account, we reserve the right to verify all the information entered or uploaded on the website or the application. You agree to provide all the information in an accurate manner and to the best of your knowledge. Providing fraudulent information will cease your access for an indefinite period of time, if not forever, as TOOMLE INC thinks best.
  • Your account information is confidential and no third party can use your account in any case. If your account is illegally used by someone, you are advised to report the matter immediately to our security team at, in order for us to look into the matter. Keep in mind that any loss caused by negligence at your end will not be recovered and the company offers no liability is such case.
  • TOOMLE INC reserves the right to make changes in the website design or the services and can introduce new features or make amendments to the existing features or services whenever deemed necessary. You do not have the right to object to any change in the services. However, we encourage you to provide your valuable suggestions and feedback at so that we can look into it for the greater good of the users.
  • Using our service through a mobile device may need telecommunication, internet and software, and it’s solely your responsibility to arrange all these. TOOMLE INC will not be responsible for any damage or loss cause due to any of these. In any mishap, contact the concerned telecommunication or mobile phone authorities.
  • We provide alerts via emails about matters related to your account or some promotions. You agree to accept that any delays in the alerts be it due to any technical reason will not be the responsibility of TOOMLE INC. TOOMLE INC will try its best to ensure the smooth and fast delivery of these alerts on the email addresses provided by you. Delay in the email delivery due to any reason on behalf of the service provider will not be the responsibility of TOOMLE INC whatsoever.
  • All the content, videos, materials and the design are protected under the copyrights laws of the United States. The infringement of copyrights will be dealt with as per the laws specified in the U.S. laws. You are allowed to use the materials as a reference for your non-commercial use only. Using our materials without acknowledging TOOMLE INC is not allowed in any case.
  • Attempt to break- into our system or trying to gain unauthorized access, use of malicious software or tools, introducing viruses, bots, worms or logic bombs comes under the breach of IT/ Computer Acts and Cybercrime. The matter will be immediately reported to the concerned authorities and severe action will be taken against you. We can disclose all your information to any law-enforcement agency in such cases.
  • We use social media plugins for information and experience sharing by the users. You are not allowed to post any obscene/ vulgar content of any kind. Your content will be removed and we hold the right to suspend your account if need be.
  • TOOMLE INC uses cookies to offer better experience to the user as per his/her preferences. By using the website, you warrant that you have no objection to the use of cookies by the website. Failing to agree with the cookies policy, you will not have access to some portions of the website.

Please note that all these terms and conditions are aimed at providing you a better experience and keeping your interests and assets safe at every time.